Broncus Technologies, Inc.

 Company Summary:
  • Broncus Technologies develops and sells innovative solutions for diagnosing and treating lung diseases. The Company’s LungPoint® system allows physicians to plan bronchoscopic procedures and navigate to locations in the lungs accurately and quickly. Its FleXNeedle™ catheter is used to obtain biopsy samples and access to hard-to-reach targets.
Transaction Overview: Significance of the Transaction:
  • Following a recent strategic partnership with Medtronic, the acquisition will allow LifeTech Scientific to increase revenue generation from a novel technology as well as launch into a large and growing market (China). Today, LifeTech Scientific is worth over ‘6x’ its value from the time of the transaction.
Healthios Role:
  • Healthios served as exclusive adviser to Broncus Technologies.
  • This transaction highlights Healthios commitment to creative deal structure capitalizing on company milestones and market opportunity while considering shareholder interest.