Healthcare Focus

Healthcare represents a $3 trillion global industry, growing 16% annually, capitalizing itself $11.8 million at a time through more than 9,000 private transactions in 6,000 companies into which, on average, $49 million of capital is deployed over 6.2 years, yielding a “Cash-on-Cash” returns of 4.1x and IRR’s of 22.1% while generating 81% liquidity on invested capital through 892 “Exit” events, of which 86% are M&A.

All at once, healthcare is the largest, fastest growing, most dynamic, complex, chaotic and fragmented industries in the world.

Healthios is profoundly committed to the success of the fastest growing, most valuable companies in the world. We combine more than 200 years of industry experience with proven deal execution and unique access to the people, resources and markets that are vital for success.