Strategic Partners & Acquirers

100% of investment returns are generated by 23.7% of investments. 82% of shareholder liquidity for emerging growth companies is provided by strategic acquirers and financial sponsors.

Healthios understands that strategic activity is the pinnacle of the growth continuum. In the current growth investment market, the importance of financial sponsors and strategic buyers is characterized by a broad  spectrum of forces:

  • Dependence by strategic buyers on acquisitions to achieve growth expectations
  • Strategic buyers becoming increasingly selective
  • Consolidation among the most natural acquirers in large market sectors is forcing strategic buy ers to acquire more mature growth companies;
  • Active debt markets fueled by historically low interest rates;
  • Intensifying competition for deal flow; and 
  • Stagnant public markets, which prevent growth companies from creating new equity currencies

Healthios provides a broad range of services to support the success of strategic buyers and financial sponsors.  Our industry expertise, extensive relationships, capital markets capability and exclusive focus on growth allows us to make unique contributions to every transaction.

An important illustration of these capabilities is our experience on the "buy side". Although our peers concentrate their advisory activity on the "sell side", Healthios has advised on more than (25) "buy side" transactions. This underscores our unique track record on behalf of the most sophisticated industry participants.